Thought Leaders

Why Software Projects Fail: The Early Warning Signs

News and research often remind us of over-budget, late, failing, poor quality and cancelled software projects. Project postmortems reveal that, long before the problems, there were early warning signs (EWS) of the trouble. We will discuss EWS; how to recognize them and deal with them before the project is doomed. Learn more about Dr. Kappelman's work on the Faculty Information System:

Text Analytics on Service Requests

A discussion on understanding the who, when, where, what and how of our customer issues. We provide a case study from UNT's Service Management System (ServiceNow) to show how we can view answers to these questions to be more proactive with service delivery. Learn more about Dr. Evangelopoulos's work on the Faculty Information System:

Protecting the Institution versus Supporting Instruction: An Academic Perspective

IT Professionals do an excellent job protecting the infrastructure which is often under appreciated by faculty. Unfortunately, this security often falls short of providing the technology support expected by faculty. This discussion will focus on these challenges and how we bridge the gap to find common ground to deliver the best content to our students. Learn more about Dr. Windsor's work on the Faculty Information System: